Some conditions which a model should bring along
1. Aim for good photographs
This is indeed the most important condition and also more or less the only which counts. Your body-shape does matter much less than your aura.

2. Your efforts
My (nude) pictures do attract mainly due to the aura of the photographed person. By choosing the most effective lighting, the cameras perspective or the right moment I try to freeze with this combinations the best shoots. Your most beautiful and/or your most erotic sides will be worked out. Since the situtation in the photostudio will be normally very unusual for you you will be given lot of time to adjust yourself comfortably. But otherwise you will not have to overcome lots of your fears.

2. Body-shape/age
You definetely need not to be a topmodel. You can be young, old, thick, thin, tattoed, pierced, pregnant or absolutely normal. Beauty is not only what is told to us by the media, Beauty and astethik aura are made in the eye of the viewer. And I will use my full creativity and professional skills to let you appear in the most beautiful way.

4. Posing
Is really simple because first of all you have to be absolutely natural. Therefore we will have plenty of time and I will give you some advice how to pose. Nevertheless you are most welcome to come up with your own ideas and suggestions. „You are the star!“

5. Make up
I do have a separate make up and change-room which is professionally lighted. Here you can style yourself and change your clothes in full privacy. Normally you have to take care for your make up yourself or you can bring somebody with you to style you. For free of charge shootings I can not provide a professional make-up-artist. I can point out anyhow some tips for you doing the make up in a way which fits to the camera lightings.

6. Safety - escort
You may ask yourself if you are permitted to bring a person escorting you for your own safety. You are most welcome to do so but I have made some bad experiences with boyfriends escorting models since they are very often jealous and do irritate the model whilst the shooting. This is why I suggest that you bring a girlfriend with you. If your escort(s) are willing to participate in the shooting they are all welcome.

7. Cost - honorary
There will occur definetely no costs for your for a shooting in my studio. On the other hand you will as well not receive a honorary for your posing. The models bears the cost for traveling to the studio and back. You will receive a CD-ROM with the digital highres. data of the shooting for your personal and non-commercial use. In case that we do black and white shoots you will receive 10 handenlarged prints in the size 13x18cm free. In case that I want to use some of the pictures commercially I will pay a royalty to you. In this case we will set up a separate contract.

8. Copyright - legal details
Most certainly all legal details like copyright etc. will be regulated in a written contract. Without your written permission none of the photos will be published somewhere. I do normally not take photographs of minors. In Excemptions only with written permission of the parents.

(Erotic) Photographs of you are a wonderful and very personal gift for your beloved ones.

And one wich costs you only the charge for the print. Or make it a gift for your own - for the time to come in 10 or 20 years.




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